Saturday, September 15, 2007

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People fondly reminisce their past but are not easily inspired by it – Dhiraj Sehgal

Sunday, July 08, 2007

iPhone browser interface and wifi

I wrote this on Dec 6, 2006 even before the macworld launch in Jan about iPhone, its wi-fi ( wimax) and internet browser capabilities.

1 strike :)

My post on Dec'06

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Argument about Apple laptops without physical keys.

Glad to see people participating and Thinksecret website letting me post my thoughts. (No Spams :))

My post on Thinksecret website.

I highly appreciate everyone’s comments for my post. I fully respect everyone’s thoughts and arguments (for & against).

My focus of this post wasn't a technical assessment or discuss concept novelty but plain simple force with which Apple can bring or may bring this shift to market.

I agree here with the technical assessment made. I never doubt technical difficulties in bringing something like this. Its such like implementations which makes techies genius and architects of wonderful things adopted by masses.

Please ponder over the following and then see if the above mentioned scenario is possible.

  1. Are you hesitant to type the way I have said?
  2. Is it uncomfortable to think about such typing?
  3. Did you get typing on iPhone right in first instance or did it take time for adaptability? How about iPod’s click wheel?
  4. Having a tablet PC with physical keyboard can only be differentiated if there is no need of keyboard and stylus with it? Also, does it remain tablet PC after that?
  5. If its just mental block, it may take time getting accustomed on mass scale. That’s why it is on iPhone first.

If its hesitance, uncomfortableness about QWERTY without physical keys, it'll go away. I think present 13" laptop is sufficient to make that change, no need of new smaller/larger form factor. One screen tablet PC makes you loose half screen with QWERTY present. Therefore, dual screen.

No company other than Apple slick and audacious enough to bring it to masses by enticing them to ride a new paradigm shift. Many advanced technologies and novel ideas start from start-ups but they don't convince masses due to lack of their reach. So, Its Apple!!!!! If you are polling, before submitting the poll think if Apple will bring it to market or not? (After 6 months I would like to know how many of you still look on iPhone QWERTY to type. Also, for typing how many look down at the keyboard. Its a perception that when you press a key u see something on screen. If you touch you may see associated character on screen, is a possibility and not an impossible scenario. Changing lights or colors on type screen while typing. Going from blue to red (etc). I am diverting here from the main point, so back to the post.)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

iPhone/ Future of Computing/ Steve Jobs

I think the following has a pretty decent shot at becoming reality as people are getting comfortable with typing without physical keys with iPhone and on screen with multitouch technology. Screen is becoming more robust and better day by day.

Definitely, if this is possibility then it may happen in 2H08 or 1H09 and start with Apple laptops.

Reptitively and singing with chorus, I think iPhone is not new phone or music player or internet player or even device with 3 identities.

iPhone is keyless keyboard device with QWERTY interface. If a person can think some years in future, following may happen starting Apple laptops:

If QWERTY keyless keyboard is successful in iPhone. People adapt to change, which is possible and it is still QWERTY but without physical keys. Naturally, people will start to anticipate that there will be another Halo effect for apple laptops purchase, which is not complete picture.Apple brings out its laptops with dual screen with physical keyless keyboard which comes up in similar fashion as iPhone. iPhone is a test vehicle for new interface wave. (Think mouse, gui earlier
Also, Laptop's future was kept in full perspective during iPhone development. Leopard makes it stronger. OS X was used in iPhone. I'll doubt if this change is an afterthought.

Its another

from Steve Jobs in MacWorld.

We are looking at another paradigm shift in laptops and people's interface to technology devices.

Here apple brings another change in computing market and challenges PC market so fast that PC vendors are left not to play catchup but have serious trouble in adjusting to this paradigm shift.

How to make PC competitors sweat. There will be some PC manufacturers who'll adapt, new players will flourish, older or existing will perish as always.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Excel sheet and numbers

I'll write about this later..
Why this is good for day to day but creative engineers shouldn't be let done about this...

Also, another snippet on why desktop wont be hit in India too and laptop, mobile will take the masses..

Dell Change with CEO / PC shuffle...

I was talking a friend last nite.. What is wrong in Dell... Its productivity which has sucked creativity.. Obsession of numbers during transition time is never good...

What saves HP? it is their creativity in printer market and engineering research.. I hope Mark is not killing it by his obsession of numbers.. I think he is not by just looking at growth numbers not saving numbers.

Also, one of the ex-dell employees posted the following which has gist of everything but I doubt Michael Dell has vision. He was always there for vision. His vision of Internet pure play to sell with lean mean manufacturing is done. His former trusted partners have left him behind.. Someone internal to company with maverick attitude like Vyomesh Joshi in HP has to make it happen from behind the scenes ..

"As a former Dell employee, current shareholder, and resident of Austin, it is hard not to keep up with the company since I left in 2000 to chase other opportunities. Still having several friends who are long time employees of the company, I oftentimes find myself having conversations about the explosive growth of the company between 1993 and 2000 (my tenure)and the problems that the company has recently experienced. Because I am no longer in the trenches of the day-to-day business, it would be impossible for me to point to specific areas of the company or practices that have caused the company to find itself in this position. However, I can say with great confidence that the direction of the company is being driven by managers and not leaders. Managers handle the day-to-day. Mangers do not create vision like leaders do, and when a company relies on managers to handle this task, they find themselves in trouble. The employees are uninspired, the products are bland, and focus goes by the wayside. When people look at a company as a place to "work" and to hang their hats, and no longer feel as though they have a stake in creating something better, you have to look to the top of the organization. The market has changed. The efficiencies in supply-chain management that once differentiated Dell from its competition, while still important, are not as great as they once were. It is time for a visionary to take the helm from the paralysis by analysis managers, pencil pushers who look solely at the bottom line, and "consultants" who justify their existence by telling people what they already know, and managers that are looking for a safe place to collect a paycheck, and get down to the business of once again creating "buzz" around the company. I certainly believe that if there is an executive with the ability to do that, Mr. Dell is the person. It is a difficult task that will involve many difficult decisions, but the time to do so has passed. I wish the company much luck as they once again try to define what their "vision" will be."