Wednesday, June 20, 2007

iPhone/ Future of Computing/ Steve Jobs

I think the following has a pretty decent shot at becoming reality as people are getting comfortable with typing without physical keys with iPhone and on screen with multitouch technology. Screen is becoming more robust and better day by day.

Definitely, if this is possibility then it may happen in 2H08 or 1H09 and start with Apple laptops.

Reptitively and singing with chorus, I think iPhone is not new phone or music player or internet player or even device with 3 identities.

iPhone is keyless keyboard device with QWERTY interface. If a person can think some years in future, following may happen starting Apple laptops:

If QWERTY keyless keyboard is successful in iPhone. People adapt to change, which is possible and it is still QWERTY but without physical keys. Naturally, people will start to anticipate that there will be another Halo effect for apple laptops purchase, which is not complete picture.Apple brings out its laptops with dual screen with physical keyless keyboard which comes up in similar fashion as iPhone. iPhone is a test vehicle for new interface wave. (Think mouse, gui earlier
Also, Laptop's future was kept in full perspective during iPhone development. Leopard makes it stronger. OS X was used in iPhone. I'll doubt if this change is an afterthought.

Its another

from Steve Jobs in MacWorld.

We are looking at another paradigm shift in laptops and people's interface to technology devices.

Here apple brings another change in computing market and challenges PC market so fast that PC vendors are left not to play catchup but have serious trouble in adjusting to this paradigm shift.

How to make PC competitors sweat. There will be some PC manufacturers who'll adapt, new players will flourish, older or existing will perish as always.

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