Thursday, January 07, 2010

Apple after iSlate/iPad

People are currently obsessed with Apple's tablet. I would like to add one more to the tablet form. It'll be as thin as presentation foil and will be pure translucent/transparent glass... Apple always had fascination with glass and people to see through the computers since Apple 1997.

Now lets come to main point:

What is Apple planning to do after launching tablet late Jan? Lets jump 5 years ahead.

Apple is preparing for 3 d computing business... As they prepared us for non-key inserting computing by introducing iPhone, we'll prepared for 3d computing in 2013/2014 with 2010 tablet introduction.

Tablet will have 2D software to start with. OSX variations will keep updating tablet and then 3D functions will start getting added to it for next few years. Meanwhile tablet HW will keep evolving under the hood. HW process geometry is going to get smaller, hence taking care of power on a person's lap. Also longer life batteries will elongate the tablet life. Then Apple will launch in 2014 a 3d glasses and software which makes you use fingers in software to flip through windows, apps, etc. Motion sensing software already exists and is widely in use with Wii. Every other computer software person in gaming arena wants to perfect this art.
Example: Coverflow or Safari which has 3D orientation in 2D screen. Think when you can insert your finger into album cover and flip it and just need a presentation foil thin tablet with 3D glasses.

Mouse during its introduction in 80s was thought to be stupid idea and why people will take it with computer.... But it happened. Apple introduced it... Someone else commoditized it and made fame and fortune from the resulting computing phenomenon... Remember Apple wasn't driver after Steve left the company..

I think Apple is submitting patents (have already, in process, more to come).... As patent process is already slow and backlogged, these patents will emerge after 2011 and people will start figuring out what is exactly going on with Tablet.

Apple under Steve want people to stop thinking of 80/90s computing... It has big imprint of microsoft which stole glory from Apple and people forget that Apple introduced that style of computing. Its always said again and again that Steve want people to do computing as he tells them to do but 90s style contains other people which doesn't go well with Apple, so turn people to something completely different and make them forget 80/90/2000s computing style.


It shall change consumer interaction with computing altogether.

Business will have to think how they'll change business apps and make it more productive which is always their motto..

Steve will retire in 2015 as people' transition into new style of computing... Business is also personal and has big imprints of an individual's emotion.

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