Friday, January 01, 2010

3 idiots and Five Point Someone

My comments in Chetan's blog:


I like your books but am not your fanatic fan. I have issues with your follow-on books' content and material but coming back to FPS.

I was shocked how Vidhu shouted at media when he was confronted with truth. I am pretty sure he could have been shut right away if any person who has read FPS was present there.

Basic plot of 3 idiots goes with your book. Characters have variations but these were created after 3 idiots writer read your book, got the copyrights and started tempering to suit the screenplay and cinematic version. As 3 idiots further had twists it was pleasure to watch FPS in another form...But its shame how Vidhu's company is trying to shove his plagiarism on FPS readers.

On other hand, has anyone read "Q&A"? The book is completely different than Slumdog Millionaire. Only basic theme and not the plot is same about winning "Who wants to be millionaire". Danny Boyle still had Vikas Swarup at every conceived honorary function for his movie (Oscars, Golden Globe,etc). That movie and book are 2-3% corelated.

3 idiots and FPS are more corelated than 2-3%...

Looking forward to your next book.. Please go back to your first style of fiery and passionate writing and not masala books.

Readers expect a lot from talent like you. :)

- Dhiraj

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