Monday, July 24, 2006

AMD buys ATI.

Simple beyond the lines.

Read further from the news headlines.

Apple/Intel, Micrsoft/IBM ( co-existence of ATIMD), SONY /IBM ( NVIDIA), DELL/HP/GATEWAY/OFF SHELF CREATORS? ????????.

I dont see AMD in above list. If x86 has to survive with PC dying market, it has to have interoperable and seamless X86 extension into consumer market. Thats where AMD picked ATI for all other left x86 players to fight for the upcoming digital consumer market.
Its industry driven. Manufacturing synergies and advantages ( IBM/AMD - BIG + for Microsoft). Can xbox360 work with PCs with ATI graphics cards seamlessly as the interoperability of two processor families from same company wont be question?

Also, after looking at ATI website, its very obvious that AMD didnt buy it for GPU, it bought them for handheld and TV market. The company has impressive clientiel and would like to synergies of AUDIO/VIDEO streaming, editing across all technology products related to customers.

HECTOR RUIZ comes back to work with Motorola, one of major ATI clientiel, which he left to resurrect AMD. Life comes full circle sometimes. :)

Its ironical, Intel left the communication market after investing 10 billions dollars over 10 years and AMD is entering it now. I think its right time, right place and right move.

Analysts are idiots to figure this out. They can't think beyond quarters and they suffer with short term vision problem.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Intel laying off 1000 managers

Its headline everywhere, but its deepest impact is on business schools, managers and executive. This act empowers entreprenuership, a company's acknowledgement that its talent is not at fault for failure and recklessly letting them go is not the path to success.

This is first time Paul Otellini impressed me. Any company's success lies in its individual contributor who are frustrated and are not able to perform in their fast mode everything possible to succeed. In nutshell, competition translates individual's fight in market against another individual. If an individual is not able to reach the market faster on his will to strike against its perceived competitor, it'll frustrate him. I think Paul understands that.

I would like to see how Hector Ruiz re-charges his army and fights back. Amunition and artillery is there but it has to be more guided and precise. In last, every company will meet resistance on path of success.

Dawn to Dusk and then again

Its a natural pattern which touches every living being. Its a metaphor used in human lifes " Chadhta Suraj". ( rising sun)

A person while ascending in success is known everywhere. Everyone likes to discuss him, debate him, etc. But then when he goes down for a while, same people just think its over, the phenomen started and had died. No more same sun will ever rise.
Its ironical, that night after dusk makes people believe that. But when he rises again; people again talk about him and compare it with previous day. Person hitting a rough patch, a low time, doesnt necessarily translate his doom. He can come back and can rise, example: Amitabh Bachan, Alonzo Mourning and many others whom I dont know.

A person going through rough and hard time doesnt translate to his inability. As my father always says: time is never same, it changes, it shows all colors. Dont let a person's resolve die or waver. Sun will rise and then again it'll be noticed.