Sunday, July 16, 2006

Intel laying off 1000 managers

Its headline everywhere, but its deepest impact is on business schools, managers and executive. This act empowers entreprenuership, a company's acknowledgement that its talent is not at fault for failure and recklessly letting them go is not the path to success.

This is first time Paul Otellini impressed me. Any company's success lies in its individual contributor who are frustrated and are not able to perform in their fast mode everything possible to succeed. In nutshell, competition translates individual's fight in market against another individual. If an individual is not able to reach the market faster on his will to strike against its perceived competitor, it'll frustrate him. I think Paul understands that.

I would like to see how Hector Ruiz re-charges his army and fights back. Amunition and artillery is there but it has to be more guided and precise. In last, every company will meet resistance on path of success.

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