Wednesday, June 02, 2010

iPAD before iPhone

Its stupidity on my part that I didnt write this obvious fact earlier when I have discussed with my friends many times.

Apple's Jobs says iPad idea came before iPhone

iPAD idea was fully thought through before iPhone in Apple buildings. iPhone was made not to revolutionize phone industry but how to get people transition into new wave of computing without (mouse/keyboard) in small steps. Phone industry is an after affect and isnt cause of iPhone. Its difficult to push people into a new direction but to entice them and gradually make them comfortable with new stuff is lot easier. iPad in mid-2000s would have been grand failure as people would have never believed in virtual keyboard and motion. iPhone was easier to make people practice new computing way...

I am glad I wrote the next steps early enough.. Also, macbooks will be become foldable books with glasses on both sides and keyboards and mouse pads will go away....

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