Sunday, November 12, 2006

Microsoft Vista/ Wii Disney

Two news came out last week, which state " Demise of PC"

Microsoft: We are done with Vista. ( Means: Our resources are now getting dedicated to Live). Windows on PC is done. Its going to be Live on Web. "Vista is done"

Disney: Disney has dedicated studio for Wii. This means Apple Mac Mini is not doing good. 3 years down the lane, nintendo will be bought by apple. "Wii/Disney/Apple"

I think I'll draw this conclusion. Web solution for PS3 online will be provided by google as Sony has an achilles heel there with Microsoft in lead with Xbox 360 live. Also, Sony codeveloped hardware with IBM and now IBM is selling google solutions through IBM services.

Microsoft Xbox 360 LIVE / Sony IBM Google PS3 GMAIL / Apple Disney Nintendo Wii iLife

What happens to PC? PC manufacturers are going to suffer more and more. Desktop PC is on decline.

Will write more.

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