Saturday, June 17, 2006

Steve Jobs is hurt as Bill Gates left

Steve may smile or may hate it. It was Bill and its troop who brought Apple down in 80’s. MSFT shunned them out of mass limelight and deprived of wealth and fortunes.

This time with next showdown to happen in industry now, Steve Jobs is pretty confident that he is going to succeed against Bill and his troops (not MSFT). His execution is coming out perfected. Situation is that there are adversaries and then Bill is there to fight who could never be brought down by anyone. Its Steve time that he'll lead and Bill will follow, but suddenly Bill left, so what now?

Apple is safer to execute its strategy and take command. I am sure they'll do it.

But there are different questions which arise now and bother technology visionaries and leaders more than common people and analysts:

Apple will be leader but they didn’t have a competitor who could bring them down. Steve with his success will always be bothered now when he'll ask himself “What would have happened if Bill was still there? I wanted to have that showdown to let people know that not only I have awesome vision but also excellent business execution. Bill left. People and I think that would Apple achieved same success if he would be leading his troops from Washington?"

"You can try to achieve success but success will come on its own terms"

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